What Causes Addiction?

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If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, you may have wondered what caused the problem to begin with. Addiction is not due to a lack of willpower but is actually a chronic disease. The disease may lay dormant for years, but once it is triggered, it can be hard to walk away.

Causes Of Addiction

Many people ask, “what causes addiction?” The answer is not as simple as one may believe. Addiction can be caused by a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

Stressful Situations

There is definitely a connection between stress and addiction. Let’s say you have a stressful job or your home life is tense. You may visit your local bar and have a drink to unwind after work. The alcohol gives you a relaxed or euphoric feeling. While one drink after work is not typically enough to trigger a full addiction, it is rarely a one-time occurrence.

So, the next day you visit the bar after work and have a few drinks to unwind, your brain gets that same relaxed feeling. It begins to create a memory of the substance and the feeling it has caused. This is how many addictions begin.

Our holistic treatment program teaches patients how to handle stress without the use of drugs or alcohol. Relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga can help you control your thoughts and feelings during stressful situations.

Traumatic Experiences

Many people who fall prey to drug and alcohol addiction have often suffered from a traumatic experience. These types of experiences can include child abuse, sexual abuse, or serious physical or emotional injuries. Many people are unable to cope with these experiences and are too afraid to seek professional help. An easy way to temporarily forget or numb their problems is through self-medicating using drugs and alcohol.

We here at Serenity understand that recovering from addiction as a result of a traumatic experience requires treatment of the underlying cause as well as the addiction through personalized addiction treatment including holistic therapies and counseling services.

Mental Health Conditions

Many people who suffer from mental health conditions may seek “relief” by using drugs or alcohol, which in turn actually makes their mental illness worse. A mental health disorder can also result after an addiction starts as drugs and alcohol actually changes your brain chemistry. Some people may choose to use substances as a way to escape their thoughts and feelings rather than facing them head on.

At Summit Behavioral Health, we can help you address the underlying mental health conditions that may have triggered your addiction and help you to cope with them in a safe and effective way.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Our mission is to treat the whole person rather than the addiction alone. Our method uses a holistic approach to addiction treatment through therapy, counseling, relaxation techniques and more that are designed to rebuild your spirit, provide you real-life tools and prevent a potential relapse.

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