4 Relapse Warning Signs

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.In recovery, much of the work to be done involves learning strategies to avoid a relapse. This is because a single lapse in sobriety can lead to a rapid spiral back into full-blown addiction. To prevent relapse, it’s important to develop the skills to identify warning signs.

Four Relapse Warning Signs

The following are four key warning signs that communicate that it may be time to regroup and refocus on recovery or even obtain relapse prevention treatment.

1. You Avoid 12-Step Meetings

For most individuals in recovery, 12-step meetings are very important. Not only do these meetings remind you of who you are and what is at stake, they also provide a network of others who serve as an effective check and balance system. Often, a recovering addict at risk of relapse begins to make excuses for not attending meetings. Yet, it’s these excuses that indicate that attending meetings is more important than ever.

2. You Become Selfish And Moody

A recovering addict who acts this way is often referred to as a “dry drunk.” It’s not uncommon for those heading to a relapse to act like they did prior to recovery. Those who are at risk of relapse often personalize things and overact to situations. There can be a lower than normal tolerance for frustration and even a selfishness that can have a profoundly negative impact on relationships.

3. You Break Healthy Habits

In recovery, most addicts embrace new activities and lifestyle decisions that replace unhealthy habits. From healthy eating and sleep habits to journaling, meditation and exercise, productive, beneficial habits are incredibly important to staying sober. When someone is struggling with recovery, one of the first signs of impending problems is a lapse in healthy habits that are supporting sobriety.

4. You Revisit The People And Places From Your Substance-Abusing Days

It can seem innocent enough to go visit an old friend or to head to a familiar location where you used to have fun. However, this could be a big red flag that relapse is a very real possibility. One of the most important tools to prevent relapse is to identify the people and places that can trigger a relapse and to stay far away from them.

Are You Or Your Loved One Struggling With Relapse?

You or your loved one may not have been able to clearly see the warning signs and now find yourself back to what led you to treatment in the first place. While this can be incredibly frustrating, there’s still hope for your future. The most important thing you can do is call for immediate help. At Serenity at Summit, our addiction specialists are available 24/7 to support your recovery. Call us today at 844-432-0416.

Preventing a relapse is possible. We can help!

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