Will I Need Additional Treatment After Drug Detox?

It’s a common misconception that completing detox is all that’s necessary to overcome substance abuse. This faulty thinking is may be somewhat rooted in witnessing countless Hollywood celebrities entering detox programs but never hearing about their long-term recovery.

Will I Need Additional Treatment After Drug Detox-SummitDetoxThe reality is that drug detox is only the first step on the road to a life free from addiction. After detox, the next part of the journey is focusing on sustaining recovery in an individualized outpatient treatment center. Regardless of the type of substance used or the severity of the addiction, treatment is needed after detox. Without it, relapse is nearly inevitable.

Many wonder why treatment is so important after the detox process has been completed. The answer is quite simple. While detox eliminates the substance from the body and helps an individual overcome symptoms of withdrawal, the cravings and urges to use will continue on, as well as the triggers and behaviors that contributed to the addiction in the first place.

What Is Received In An Outpatient Treatment Program?

Through our intensive outpatient program, individuals who have completed drug detox receive the support they need to recover from drug addiction. This includes addressing the underlying causes of addiction, such as environmental factors and co-occurring mental illness. Coping skills to alleviate triggers are taught. And, because drug addiction is often a family problem, we also integrate both individual and family counseling into the program.

Often, the physical effects of drug addiction carry on long after the completion of detox. These effects also are addressed in an individualized treatment plan.

The Benefits Of An Individualized Approach To Outpatient Addiction Treatment

A cookie-cutter outpatient program often does not address the specific needs of the individual following detox.

Through assessment in an individualized plan, the underlying causes of addiction are identified. The goal is to focus on treating the entire person and teaching them specific skills that can help them as they start a healthier way of life, free from addiction. Our customized plans focus on the individual’s specific needs and goals.

It Starts With A Call

Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey that requires professional help. Don’t believe that detox is all that’s needed to sustain recovery. Call Serenity at Summit now to learn more about detoxing, ongoing support and integrated treatment.

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