Dual Diagnosis: Anxiety Disorder And Addiction

It is normal to feel anxious from time to time, and most people find ways to cope with these feelings so that they don’t get out of control. When someone is living with an anxiety disorder, the situation is much different. The uncomfortable feelings can take on a life of their own and interfere with everyday activities. Someone in this category is at a higher risk for having a mental health and an addiction, which is referred to as a dual diagnosis.

How Anxiety Disorders are Related to Addiction

Mental Health and AddictionA number of people who are living with an anxiety disorder will turn to alcohol or drugs to try to control their anxiety. This type of behavior, is known as self-medicating, and it never gets to the root of the problem that led to the person developing the anxiety disorder initially. The anxiety disorder could be due to some type of psychological stressor in the person’s life or a chemical imbalance.

When addiction is a factor, the substance abuse tends to muddy the waters and make it more difficult to separate out the symptoms of the underlying mental health disorder. Using chemicals can also make anxiety symptoms worse. Some of the types of drugs that can have this effect include:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Certain prescription drugs

Find the Right Treatment for Anxiety Disorder and Addiction

At Summit Behavioral Health, we understand that it’s not uncommon for our clients to need dual diagnosis treatment. We offer an individualized outpatient treatment program that is tailored to fit the needs of each individual client and the disorder they are living with.

We can offer our clients support through the detoxification (detox) process so that they can become physically free from the effects of drugs and/or alcohol. Our treatment program also includes one-on-one therapy sessions with a dedicated therapist. We also offer educational programs, which allow our clients to receive information about stress management and their disorder.

Relapse prevention is an important part of our program, since our clients need to be able to recognize triggers that will alert them to the possibility of a potential slip before it becomes a full-blown relapse. Ongoing medical support is always available to our dual diagnosis clients as necessary.

You don’t have to live another day with anxiety disorder and addiction – call us now to find out about our intensive outpatient addiction treatment program!

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