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For the most effective way to start drug and alcohol detox treatment in New Jersey, look no further than our Serenity at Summit facility in Union, N.J. The detox program at this location typically lasts 5-7 days, and our staff uses the initial assessment to customize the treatment to follow. Our detox professionals try to make the client’s withdrawal process as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Medications may be prescribed to help the client through this stage of treatment.

With Serenity at Summit, you’ll get a medical staff that is dedicated to helping clients heal by purging the toxins of substance abuse from their bodies. Our inpatient detox program in New Jersey lays the groundwork for what will become a long-lasting recovery. Once completing the detox program, clients get referred to a facility that will continue to address their substance abuse recovery needs, such as one of our network’s many Summit Outpatient centers.

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Detox and Inpatient Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

A Safe and Comfortable Destination for Starting Recovery

Serenity at Summit New England, located in a beautiful new facility that opened in the fall of 2015, not only offers medically supervised inpatient detox, but inpatient residential care as well. Our state-of-the-art facility makes for the perfect environment for clients to relax and focus on making progress with recovery. Serenity at Summit works with most insurance companies to try to make clients’ inpatient ventures affordable. Anyone 18 and older is eligible to receive care at our Massachusetts residential facility.

After clients complete their intake assessment and detox treatment (if needed), they begin their customized regimen of counseling sessions and holistic therapy activities that will take them through the course of their residential stay. The staff at Serenity at Summit New England is also equipped to diagnose and treat any co-occurring disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.) as part of the residential program. If you’re looking for a change of scenery and an all-inclusive inpatient drug rehabilitation experience, Serenity at Summit New England is your destination.

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