How Long Does Alcohol and Drug Detox Normally Take?

Detox is part of the first phase of addiction treatment where your body physically detoxifies the drugs or alcohol. The amount of time varies depending on the drug, but typically it’s no shorter than 3 days and can last up to 2 weeks.

Is Your Detox Facility Staffed By Medical Professionals?

During your detoxification, you will be supervised by a medical team. This is the same medical team that will be performing an initial assessment, so they can fully understand your needs and how to safely detox your body from drugs or alcohol.

What Makes Your Detox Facility Different?

Serenity at Summit focuses on detox treatment that’s personalized to your addiction. Our initial assessment will help our staff better understand you and your addiction and provide you with a personalized detox approach.

This detox usually includes holistic techniques because holistic treatment helps train the mind psychologically on how to deal with daily stressors. These are the stressors that would usually cause someone to use drugs or alcohol, but instead we show you how to holistically deal with these stressors without the use of drugs or alcohol.

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How Do You Know If Someone Needs Detox?

When you or a loved one is drinking alcohol or using drugs excessively to the point where they’ve become dependent, that’s when a detox would need to occur. If the body physically needs the substance to prevent withdrawals, detox is necessary.

What Does Daily Detox Treatment Look Like at Serenity?

Our detox programs are custom tailored to the individual, however we do offer a weekly schedule with daily holistic treatments involved. This schedule includes: meditation, medical follow ups, meals, meetings, and other holistic treatments.

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How Do I Get Started with Your Detox Program?

The first step toward your recovery is to call one of our addiction specialists. From there, you will receive a medical assessment to fully understand your addiction and if there are any mental health disorders involved. After the initial assessment, you will be provided a detox program schedule tailored to your needs.

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