Items required for admission:

  • Photo ID
  • Valid Credit Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Prescription Card
  • Money order of $150, prepaid Visa,  OR valid credit card for prescription co-pays (the pharmacy does not accept American Express)

What to pack for your stay with us:

  • What to Bring - Serenity DetoxAppropriate, loose fitting clothes and sneakers for yoga and participation of our holistic services offered
  • Seasonal outerwear
  • Enough comfortable clothing for 5-7 days (washer/dryer available) please limit to one suitcase
  • Toiletries (alcohol free/non-aerosol) that may include: toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, deodorant, hair dryer, LIQUID body wash, lotion, shaving supplies, shower shoes/flip flops.  We ask that all items remain unopened
  • Reading material (self-help, spiritual, health, 12-step)
  • Patients are permitted to make daily, monitored phones calls utilizing our in-house phones, and in some instances, use cell phones will be permitted.
  • Cigarettes unopened packs only, or electronic cigarettes in unopened packages only  (if a smoker)

We DO NOT Permit:

  • Products/toiletries containing alcohol
  • Candy/gum or outside food.  Three meals are provided daily and snacks are available throughout the day and evening
  • Computer/electronics.  If you require computer access (internet) for employment, banking etc., our staff will assist you in this process.
  • Outside linens/bedding, pillows or stuffed animals.  All essentials are provided for your comfort.

What if I forgot something?:

  • Our commissary is available for purchase of many items listed above that you may have overlooked and would assist in making your stay more comfortable.

Not Appropriate for Admission

The Following Are Not Permitted at Serenity At Summit:

  1. Pregnant women cannot be admitted to the Detox. *If client had a recent miscarriage or abortion, they must bring medical documentation (as their pregnancy test may still be positive). Client will be evaluated by nursing onsite prior to admission.
  2. Methadone, if current dose is greater than 30 mg.
  3. History of TB or positive PPD, without a chest X-ray.


Items Prescribed By Your Physician

If client is prescribed any medication: All medication must be in original bottles, must have been filled within 60 days prior to admission; they must bring ample supply for the Detox stay (5-7 days).

Do you use any medical equipment on a regular basis: Bring all medical equipment, examples: CPAP, BiPAP, Glucometer, walker, crutches, etc.

On Methadone:  Bring documentation from your clinic of 30mg dose or lower.

History of a positive PPD (skin test for tuberculosis):  Bring chest x-ray results.

Coming from the emergency room:  Bring face sheet with diagnosis, results of all medical tests performed, medication given, discharge medication orders, and all discharge paperwork.

PPD or lab work within the past 30 days:  Please bring results.

Head injury within the last 7 days:  Please bring documentation from where you were evaluated and discharge paperwork.

Controlled substances, Narcotics, Suboxone, Benzodiazepines, etc. – NOT PERMITTED

Over the counter medication: examples–Tylenol, vitamins, Tums – NOT PERMITTED

If you have any specific questions about what is allowed at Serenity at Summit, feel free to call and speak with an admissions representative.