Substance Abuse Frequently Asked Questions

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After visiting other parts of our site, do you have additional questions about drug and alcohol rehab, especially concerning detox treatment? Get answers to the most common inquiries on the topic here. Also on this FAQs page, learn more about Serenity at Summit’s detox process (offered at both New Jersey and Massachusetts facilities), plus what set us apart from other substance abuse rehab centers.

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What to Bring for Detox and Residential Treatment

Items You Should and Shouldn’t Take to Serenity at Summit

Whether you’ve registered for detox and residential treatment (our Haverhill, MA facility) or just a detox program (our Union, NJ location), you’re going to be away from home for several days. Therefore, we’ve listed out which items you should bring (clothing, toiletries, medications, forms of payment, etc.) with you for your Serenity at Summit program. Also, there are some items you want to be sure to leave behind. It’s a comprehensive list, so make sure you look over it carefully before embarking on your chosen substance abuse rehab program.

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